MMC Consulting, Inc., McCracken Management Consulting, Inc.

About MMC

Leading the way to innovative solutions.

MMC Consulting, Inc. is a certified woman-owned, diverse management consulting practice. We are based in the Twin Cities where we employ top talent in our national team of experienced consultants.  

Every organization should work with a firm that aligns well with them holistically. At MMC Consulting, we collaborate with management to understand organizational needs and work hard to build a team of experts who seamlessly fit within a company’s culture.

MMC Consulting - McCracken Management Consulting

We’ve had great success with sourcing talent from MMC. They understand our business needs and work to identify the right people who can come in and make an immediate impact.
— Kevin Barry, Fortune 500 CFO

At MMC, we believe our key differentiators are:    

  • Our 10+ years of experience in the Twin Cities business community, which is complemented by our diverse expertise in serving premiere Fortune 500 companies. This uniquely positions us to blend the latest corporate best practices with the specific and unique needs of local businesses.

  • Our emphasis on the client teams we work with allows us to collaborate with leadership on a style and values level that helps to achieve business objectives.

  • Our deep and diverse bench of management expertise in a wide variety of industries with a proven track record of success in driving value for companies.

Our high customer retention and reputation for excellence are rooted in working with customers that align with our leadership style and values: direct communication, mutual accountability and full transparency into the services we provide.    

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss potentially serving you!