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Finding your next leader

Our searches specialize in: 1- going out and finding the leader you are looking for and 2- selling them on the opportunity of working for a company that they are precisely the right fit for. Other firms have larger inventories of candidates that are "looking", but are less experienced and ill-equipped to go find you what you want. We are in the specialty market.


What to expect

Initial Consultation and Role Refinement - 

Meeting with Amanda Kaas and Monica McCracken, preferably on site at your place of business.  In this meeting, we will discuss role requirements, process preferences and fees. Upon alignment, we will set a target start date for your hire and schedule out expected interview blocks on you and your teams calendars to assure scheduling doesn't get in the way of meeting your timeline objectives.


MMC Processing and Interviews - 

 Our team of industry professionals will identify, recruit, screen and interview all candidates prior to you interviewing anyone.  By the time a candidate gets to your interview, you can expect to be informed in advance of any exceptions from requirements a candidate presents and if/why we believe they should still be considered.  We expect to be held accountable for knowing who we put in front of you, as they are essentially the only work product for search engagements.  


Selection, Offer and Onboarding - 

Customized to your internal needs, we actively facilitate selection of the best candidate for your role.  We will discuss the offer in advance with you and the candidate to assure no surprises unless there has been a material change.   We remain a partner to your business and are available for consultation for the duration of the candidates employment with you.  



Amanda Kaas, Director of Professional Services


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Monica McCracken, Managing Partner



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