Our Values

Guiding principles at MMC


People First = business First

It takes an exceptional team of people to run an exceptional business. Our people and your people are valuable assets to us, and are at the foundation of most business successes and transformations. Every team member adds value at MMC and the care of our people is our first step in making sure we can properly serve our customers.


Partnership Pays

At MMC, we don’t follow the traditional management consulting conventions of maintaining separation between our work products and that of our clients. We believe that our teams serve our clients best when we collaborate with our clients and embed ourselves with our client’s team. This creates several advantages; 1- Change Management, a work product that has more support due to more people contributing, 2- Capacity Building, provides an opportunity for our customers to learn how to execute in the future with less assistance, and 3- ROI, we better understand our client when we work on the front lines with them. Serving a customer we truly understand is the only place we can consistently provide a solid return on investment. Accordingly, we invest a good deal of time in understanding our customers and advocate for embedding our services within existing client teams.


MMC redefined the way we use resources by understanding our needs first, then finding the right candidate, ...they go the extra mile for the client and this is what’s made them so successful.
— Fortune 100 CEO


At MMC, we structure our contracts for intrinsic accountability. This starts with a clear understanding of scope and deliverables. Starting with the same “end” in mind sounds simple, but it can easily be overlooked when there is an immediate business issue that needs emergency attention. We hold our leaders accountable for establishing expectations and managing accountability at every stage of an engagement. This protects our clients ROI and the quality reputation of our firm.



From start to finish, MMC is focused on ensuring you stay connected to the project. We maintain open lines of communication and explain our approach in tangible terms with defined deadlines and deliverables. Our team works hard to eliminate the possibility of any surprises for your business and is straightforward in communicating anything that may arise.

We have no trade secrets that require us to do work behind closed doors away from our clients. Our team has a variety of practice methodology certifications, but we give you options help you select the best approach for your business.