Management Consulting

MMC has taken the traditional management consulting model and incorporated our own guiding principles create sustainable change for our customers businesses. Our team is seasoned in corporate initiatives with deep operational, financial, and technology impacts. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your business and to facilitate growth through effective management, collaborative implementation, and continued support.


Core Service Offerings

1 - Assessments

Customer Need: A leader instinctively knows something needs to change in their business, but they need more conclusive information to responsibly take action.

MMC Service: Our team answers these calls regularly and can usually deliver a formal report in less than 2 weeks. We start with understanding the objectives and related business concerns. We then agree upon scope and deliverables, to assure we understand what our client expects. Next, we agree on a capped fee and begin execution.

2 - Project Management

Customer Need: Leader has projects that will not reach full potential if left to internal resource constraints. Usually the projects are key because they either help generate revenues or cut costs.

MMC Service: We can start with an assessment if there are questions about if bringing in an outside project manager makes sense for the businesses ROI. Once value proposition is determined, we move forward with planning and managing the project. In this process, MMC takes pride in managing the continuous value stream of investment for the business. We customize a project plan and project reporting schedule that meets the needs of the business and leaders.

3 - Pain Point Triage

Customer Need: Leader has an urgent need for feet on the ground in response to an unexpected business situation. They need immediate pain point intervention.

MMC Service: In this type of engagement, we start with short-term remedies for the symptoms of, what typically is, an underlying business process or system issue. While stabilizing, we start to collect data on the problem to detect the underlying issues and resulting opportunities for long-term solutions. Depending on the indicators, we plan and execute on some detailed testing to verify underlying issue. From here out, it becomes project management engagement to execute on -or- a project that our clients take in-house to execute on themselves and we can be available on an ad-hoc advisory basis.


The underlying business issues relating to the above services are usually cross functional. Some examples of the underlying work we do are as follows:

Operational Management Consulting

Financial Management Consulting

IT Management Consulting


MMC has been an invaluable business partner helping us resource full-time jobs, interim consultants and expertise on an as needed basis. They strike just the right balance between being a flexible, easy to deal with local firm yet having all the key strengths, attributes and rigour necessary to support a Fortune 500 Company.
— Fortune 500 CFO

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Monica McCracken

Partner and Consulting Practice Leader



Our Consulting Practice is led with an emphasis on quality, service, and collaborative team support by Monica McCracken.  Monica has over 15 years of experience in Fortune 500 profitability, strategy and change management.


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