MMC Spotlight - Wendy Degler, MBA, CMA – Practice Partner & Fierce Traveler


During her recent, five-day trip to London with her family, she spun around The Eye, sipped afternoon tea and watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace while the marching band played Katy Perry’s song “Firework.”


“Hey, when you work holiday weekends to convert systems for clients going live with new customer programs on a Monday, you need to get your vacation time in when you can. We just camped out at Renters Warehouse over the weekend to convert their first market. We’ll continue to convert markets for them every month through September. I love that kind of intense work schedule because it accelerates a client’s business strategy to fully integrate all applications on one platform. I’m saving the Renters’ project for my cool-work-category,” Wendy says.

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Wendy’s a results-based leader with extensive experience directing and collaborating on diverse financial and operational projects focused on organizational strategy, process improvement, and technical accuracy. She has a proven ability to bridge the gap between business and technology, driving the effectiveness of people, processes, systems, and organizations.


“I love traveling the world, seeing new sites and meeting new people. It’s a parallel to what excites me about my work. Traveling to different client sites and to conferences too, like the 4.25 - 4.26 IMA Northern Lights Council Spring Conference. I’m really interested in the presentation on “AI and the Future of Accounting” led by the President of the IMA and “Appreciative Inquiry to Lead People and Solve Problems.” All inspire me to stay open, hear new perspectives, then tap the right parts of my experience to provide leadership to quickly assess project vitals, develop a tactical plan to achieve results, and lead the team to deliver.”

Meet Wendy at the IMA meeting or contact her directly to learn more about her travels around the world and working as a trusted advisor to critical business projects for MMC clients:

Wendy Degler | 612-867-4993 | |

Monica McCracken