Management Consulting

Our teams of top-tier management consultants are assembled to help your organization make enduring business improvements and achieve its desired objectives. With decades of experience across a wide range of industries, MMC is focused on providing innovative solutions in achieving targeted and effective outcomes.

The Three Most Common Engagements we Are Called for Are:


The underlying business issues relating to the above services are usually cross functional.

Some examples of the underlying work we do are as follows:

We execute on all of the above engagements by taking care of immediate needs and assuring clients know there are options moving forward. Almost always these options include a plan for the client’s team to execute in-house.

Our Consulting Practice is led with an emphasis on quality, service, and collaborative team support by Monica McCracken.  Monica has over 15 years of experience in Fortune 500 profitability, strategy and change management.


Monica mccracken

Managing Partner and Consulting Practice Leader



McCracken has been an invaluable business partner helping us resource full-time jobs, interim consultants and expertise on an as-needed basis. They strike just the right balance between being a flexible, easy to deal with local firm yet having all the key strengths, attributes, and rigor necessary to support a Fortune 500 Company.
— Fortune 500 CFO