Service Offerings

Our team of top-tier, dynamic management consultants is prepared to help your organization make enduring business improvements and achieve its desired objectives.  With decades of experience across a wide range of industries, MMC is focused on fostering client relationships and providing innovative solutions in achieving more targeted and effective outcomes.

Project Consulting at MMC Consulting, Inc.

Our team of top-tier consultants is prepared to help your business succeed. The three most common engagements we are called for are:

1 - Assessments: when a client feels something needs work but wants help quantifying and qualifying.

2 - Project Management: client has a project that will save money or generate revenues but doens’t have the internal bandwidth to successfully execute.

3 - Pain Point Triage: a significant issue has been uncovered and emergency triage is needed immediately.

We execute on all of the above engagements by taking care of immediate needs and assuring clients know there options moving forward. Almost always these options include a plan for the client’s team to execute in-house.




Talent Search/Recruiting, MMC Consulting, Inc.

We know our clients well – style, values, objectives. Helping them hire key team members is one creative way we can be part of their future success. We hit the ground running and find quality target candidates for our clients, especially those off of the active market. Beyond standard automatic replacement, a time of transition is great opportunity to assess the current state and future possibilities in a businesses. For example, while there are significant risks to business continuity related to a CFO transition, they can be significantly mitigated with a proper assessment and the business can be in a stronger position post transition.


Within our Management Consulting practice, we specialize in and create project synergies through:

Operational Management Consulting

Financial Management Consulting

IT Management Consulting


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