PROJECT consulting

Photo by Vadim_Key/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Vadim_Key/iStock / Getty Images

The resource paradigm

Companies have strategies and strategies usually breed projects. Many of our clients find that having the right strategy is not as challenging as finding the right resources to execute it. Internal knowledge is key to a project's success, but the best talent in the organization is typically not sitting idle waiting for their next assignment. That's where we add value.

Our professionals see and appreciate the value in working with internal resources to help you achieve a project. Whether it's revamping a complete process stream or simply implementing a new regulatory procedure, our teams will work with yours to make sure you achieve your goals and that most of the knowledge stays in the business, where it belongs. 

our approach to projects

We believe that a key aspect of project work is the ability of our clients to retain the new knowledge. This provides a sustainable platform to support your end product for the long term. We find that this is key to delivering value. 

We invest the time on the front end to get to know our clients needs, culture, change management capability, and available resources. From that we build a comprehensive and collaborative program that clearly sets expectations to dr

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Photo by BeeBright/iStock / Getty Images


We helped a Fortune 100 customer optimize their back office operations for their brokerage firm. They had an idea of where they wanted to go and even had a recommendation on how to get there, but they lacked the resources to execute the plan. We worked with their to create a collaborative project management plan that helped them execute their strategy. The result was an optimized back office process, delivered on time and below budget. 

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A global dental equipment manufacturer and distributor was looking to implement a shared service center as a way to drive value for their shareholders. Long on strategy but short on resources, they were frustrated with their capability to get to the value they knew was there. We were able to bridge their resource gaps and work alongside their team to establish a shared service center covering procurement, accounts receivable, and inventories. After seeing the value our talent could deliver as well as hw they fit with the internal culture, we were able to work with them and place these resources as permanent members of the team. 

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A meat snack products manufacturer and distributor knew that in order to keep up with rising demand and growth targets they needed to upgrade their procurement systems. They contracted a Big 4 firm to lay out the business case, which they presented to the board of directors. The board insisted that the project be done but costs had to come down by 40% to achieve the minimum return requirements. We were able to work with the customer to implement the new procurement system an exceed the requirements of the board.