Finding your next leader

At MMC, we understand how difficult it can be to find team members who fit with your company culture, have extensive experience, and share aligned professional goals. With the same client-focused mindset underlying our management consulting practice, we provide staffing, recruitment, and executive search services for a permanent personnel solution. We are a well-connected and trusted team who strives to match candidates with organizations beyond what’s on paper.


Our firm specializes in:

  1. Searching the current marketplace and finding the leader who matches your company culture.

  2. Communicating to the candidate the opportunity of working for a company that is precisely the right fit.

  3. Competing in the specialty market. Other firms have larger inventories of candidates that are "looking", but are less experienced and ill-equipped to find what you need.


What to expect


Initial Consultation and Role Refinement 

Our relationships begin by meeting with Amanda Kaas and Monica McCracken, preferably on site at your place of business.  In this meeting, we will discuss role requirements, process preferences, and fees. Upon alignment, we will set a target start date for your hire and take care of interview scheduling on both you and your future team members’ calendars. We work tirelessly to ensure nothing gets in the way of achieving your timeline objectives.


MMC Processing and Interviews

Our team of industry professionals will identify, recruit, screen, and interview all candidates before we make any recommendation. While meeting requirements is essential, MMC's unique approach to screening potential candidates goes beyond qualifications on paper. We maintain open lines of communication throughout the entire process and explain why we believe each presented candidate should be considered, maintaining complete accountability for staffing success.


Selection, Offer, and Onboarding 

Once the interview process has been completed, we actively facilitate selection of the best candidate for your role. We will discuss the offer in advance both with you and with the candidate in the interest of transparency. Our team remain an instrumental partner with your business and are available for consultation for the duration of the candidate's employment.



Amanda Kaas

Director of Professional Services


monica new.png

Monica McCracken


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