We offer experienced consultants who consistently deliver precise, best-practice, scalable and sustainable solutions. Our consultants tune into your company culture and accelerate your team’s success. Here’s how:


Consulting Focus

Our clients trust us to solve cross-functional business challenges: exactly where issues or opportunities often strain internal expertise, resources or relationships.

Our Focus Areas Include:

  • Performance Management & Reporting

  • Project Management

  • Organizational Change Management (OCMx)

  • Strategic Development & Decision Making

  • Process Improvement

  • System Implementations


Our key differentiators:   

  • Uniquely Leveraged. The majority of our consultants are director level, unlike a typical pyramid model seen in management consulting. Most firms are 1:5:10 in Executive:Management:Staff ratio. At MMC, we are closer to 1:5:1. The vast majority of our team is mid to high management level with only a few staff analyst that have a tremendous amount of development opportunity due to this structure.

  • Exceptional Quality. We retain and attract exceptional talent that could easily be in a leadership role at a larger firm but desires to do more “work” and less “processing” that often comes with larger companies.

  • Cross Functional Perspectives. All members of our team have more than one core discipline among finance, operations, technology and administration. Clients frequently note that our consultants keep a constant pulse on ROI due to our emphasis on the whole business.